• 2019.08.19
    Product Planning & Manufacturing of Dietary Supplements
    Support from Taiwado
    Consulting serviceProduct planningProduct manufacturingSales support
  • 2019.08.19
    Process of planning and manufacturing

    We have a lot of experience from the planning, manufacturing, until sales of the product in the market with our own brands.
    We consider your products are our products and handle them with utmost care and support.

  • 2019.08.19
    Supplement forms
    • ●Tablet(irregular/round shape)
    • ●Soft capsule
    • ●Stick pack
    • ●Laminated zip
    • ●Packaging/Assembly
    • ●Powdering(grinding and sterilization)
    • ●Granulation(wet/fluidized-bed/extrusion granulation)
    • ●Hard capsule
    • ●Three-way pack(powder or tablet)
    • ●PTP pack
    • ●Bottling
    • ●Jelly stick
  • 2019.08.19
    Cosmetics Ingredients
  • 2019.08.19
    Our original ingredients
  • 2019.08.19
    Product Planning & Manufacturing of Cosmetics
    Taiwado Agency Service
    Product planningPrice negotiationDocument preparation
    Payment on behalf of a clientExporting processExporting product
  • 2019.08.19
    Consignment/ Contracted Product, OEM
    • Dietary Supplement

      Tablets,Hard capsules,Soft capsules,Powders,Jelly,Liquids

    • Other OEM products
      made in Japan

  • 2019.08.19
    Products we handle
  • 2019.08.19
    Consignment Fee

    We plan and prepare quotations in accordance with client requirements and requests.
    Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in making Japanese products.

  • 2019.08.19
    Business content link display


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