Agency Service for Importing Cosmetics from Overseas

Import/Export Agency
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We have a license for selling and manufacturing cosmetics.If you wish to import overseas products to Japan, as an importer we must implement quality control and process customs under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.As a licensed agent, we carry out all the necessary procedures until the products reach to our client, including obtaining import license, conducting an inspection of ingredients, labeling, GQP (Good Quality Practice), GVP (Good Vigilance Practice) and a control under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

Agency Services by Taiwado
Application and license procedure to export/import productVerify and inspect ingredientsPrepare labels
GQP/GVP/control under the Pharmaceutical Affairs ActDelivery of product
  • Manufacturing & Sales of Cosmetics

    Our License No
  • Manufacturing Cosmetics
    License type

    License No. of our partners' companies

Agency Service Procedure

  • STEP
    Verify if the products are allowed to sell in JapanVerify products

    Based on the product sample, ingredients list and details, we verify if the products can be sold in Japan. Then we conduct analysis inspection to confirm if it can be imported to Japan.

  • STEP
    Process of obtaining an import license

    Acting as an agency, we provide all the necessary documentation such as importing applications, documents for internal logistics, and so on.

  • STEP

    We provide all the necessary documentation and procedures for importing the product for customs, International transportation (marine or air freight) and after the products arrive in Japan.

  • STEP
    GVP/GQP/Quality Control/Ingredients Labeling

    Our partner will handle packaging, labeling, shrink labeling, and inspection.
    ※GQP (Manufacturing control/Quality control)/GVP(Guideline after manufacturing and sales/ Safety control)

  • STEP
    Domestic transportation

    We deliver products to your designated address.

  • STEP
    Sales promotion and support

    We help you promote sales of the products in Japan.

Statutory labeling

In order to import cosmetics to Japan, we must comply with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.
Firstly, a company must hold a license to manufacture and sell cosmetics before they can import and sell products in Japan.
For consumers to be able to understand the product easily, we must display the name of the product, manufacturer and distributor, and the lot number.
Under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, this is stated in the Article 61 and the label must be placed directly on the bottle or box that the product is contained.

  • 01
    Name and address of the manufacturer and distributor
  • 02
    Name of the product submitted by application to manufacturing and sales
  • 03
    Production number or Production code
  • 04
    Names of ingredients (all ingredients)
  • 05
    Names by type
  • 06
    Content volume
  • 07
    Product country
  • 08
    Precautions on using and storing
  • 09
    Contact us
  • 10
    Expiry date if required


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