Product Planning & Manufacturing of Dietary Supplements

We support and create a product from scratch to completion to meet the client's satisfaction and requirements.

Based on sales strategy, market trend, consumers' needs, we support creating a product from scratch to completion to meet client's satisfaction and requirements, providing with Japan's world-class quality product.

Support from Taiwado
Consulting serviceProduct planningProduct manufacturingSales support

Process of planning and manufacturing

We have a lot of experience from the planning, manufacturing, until sales of the product in the market with our own brands.
We consider your products are our products and handle them with utmost care and support.

  • STEP
    Consulting service

    In addition to the client's request and requirements, we take market strategy into consideration and create the best scenario for manufacturing and sales together with the client. Not only proposing new products, but we also handle renewal and series development of the product as well.

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    Product planning

    We plan and propose a product that is appealing to the current market, clarifying the target, segment, and positioning.

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    Trial and development of formulation

    We experiment and improve ingredients and formulation until the client is satisfied with the product.

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    Product manufacturing

    Based on the trial product, we create a product with quality that the client requires, whether mass production or not.

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    Sales support

    We support expanding the market for our clients while also using our own sales route.

Supplement forms

  • ●Tablet(irregular/round shape)
  • ●Soft capsule
  • ●Stick pack
  • ●Laminated zip
  • ●Packaging/Assembly
  • ●Powdering(grinding and sterilization)
  • ●Granulation(wet/fluidized-bed/extrusion granulation)
  • ●Hard capsule
  • ●Three-way pack(powder or tablet)
  • ●PTP pack
  • ●Bottling
  • ●Jelly stick


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