Product Planning & Manufacturing of Cosmetics

If you are a corporate client outside Japan
wishing to manufacture and/or export
Japanese products
(supplements/ cosmetics).

We provide comprehensive agency service from the planning of products with Japanese manufacturers/ suppliers, through negotiation, payment and exporting products. Many Japanese manufacturers/ suppliers are not very good at communicating in foreign language including Chinese and English, therefore, on your behalf, we carry out everything from planning/ proposing a product, negotiating a price, preparing documents, making a payment, and exporting products to you with all necessary procedures. Together, we help you to build a perfect product within your budget that suits your market through customer analysis and support until the products arrive safely to you.

Taiwado Agency Service
Product planningPrice negotiationDocument preparation
Payment on behalf of a clientExporting processExporting product

Consignment/ Contracted Product, OEM

  • Dietary Supplement

    Tablets,Hard capsules,Soft capsules,Powders,Jelly,Liquids

  • Other OEM products
    made in Japan

Consignment Manufacturing and Exporting Procedure

  • STEP
    Product Planning

    We understand the client's requests and concept fully, and we propose a perfect product that the client wishes to deliver to their customers based on the current market needs and market characteristics.

    LogisticsVerify conditions of importing and exporting

    We verify conditions of the country you are exporting products to

  • STEP
    Submit trial product and evaluate

    We perform safety inspections and tests so that consumers can use the product safely.

  • STEP
    User Monitor

    User experience is very important for customers to be able to wish to conitnue using the product. Our specialists conduct strict inspections and tests repeatedly to evaluate the user experience.

  • STEP
    Decide Formulation

    After trial products are evaluated by you including texture and active ingredients, we decide which formulation to use for manufacturing.

  • STEP
    Decide Container and Create Samples

    We decide the design, shape, size, and color of the container.

    LogisticsPrepare Export Documents.

    We provide an agency service for preparing all the documents required for exporting the products, such as registration and application to the customs through International transportation companies (marine or air freight), partners and customs of each country.

  • STEP
    Decide Packaging and Printing Specifications

    We decide specifications required for the delivery such as specs for cosmetics containers/boxes, shrink labels and delivery boxes.

  • STEP
    Final Quotation, Contract for Sale of Goods, etc.

    We submit the final quotation after deciding product specification including formulation and package design. Then we will proceed to contract agreement and you will make an order.

  • STEP

    After we receive an order from you, we manufacture the product.

    LogisticsShipment (Exporting/ Customs)

    After preparing all the required documents for exporting the products, and upon confirming the quality inspection, we deliver the products to your address on a date set by you.

  • STEP
    Sales analysis and Aftercare

    We provide sales training, proposal to promote sales of the product upon delivery, sales analysis and aftercare.

Products we handle

  • Cosmetics
    • Basic cosmetics

      ● Lotion
      ● Beauty Essence
      ● Gel
      ● Cream
      ● Sheet Mask
      ● Milk Lotion
      ● Pack
      and so on

    • Cleansing products

      ● Face cleansing foam
      ● Face cleansing powder
      ● Face cleansing cream
      ● Cleansing
      ● Body soap
      ● Hand soap
      and so on

    • Haircare products

      ● Hair essence
      ● Hair pack
      ● Shampoo
      ● Rinse/ Conditioner
      ● Treatment
      ● Powder shampoo
      and so on

    • Others

      ● Sample packs of each product
      ● Sunblock products
      ● Eyecare products
      ● Lip balm
      ● Perfume
      and so on

  • Quasi-drugs products
    ● Medical lotion
    ● Medical essence
    ● Medical cream
    ● Hair growth products
    and so on
  • Dietary Supplement
    ● Tablet
    ● Capsule
    ● Powder bottle
    ● Powder pack
    ● Refreshing drink
    and so on

Consignment Fee

We plan and prepare quotations in accordance with client requirements and requests.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in making Japanese products.


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